Our drill bits make it possible to drill into even the hardest ceramic material, fine stoneware, tiles and hard brick.


Diamond Blade Clearance Pricing as Low as $15

TILE-EZE Dustless Grout Removal Blades are Swiss made under the highest quality standards and fit the FEIN Oscillating Tools.


Simple - universal - practical access panels for all kinds of maintenance and covers for tiles, marble, metal, wood, plastics, etc.


Introducing A Revolution in Dry Drilling: Self Cooling Diamond Core Drill Bits

The right drill for porcelain tiles...No need to purchase expensive diamond drill bits when drilling only a few holes.

A new technology makes it possible to drill into even the hardest ceramic material, porcelain, fine stoneware, tiles and hard burnt brick up to a scratch hardness of 9.

With its new KERAMIK Tile Drill Bit KEIL has again set a new standard for specialty rotary drill bits. Low stress high temperature brazing at 1120 degrees Celsius prevents detaching of carbide tip when drilling extremely dense materials under most extreme loads.

The KERAMIK Drill Bit has an extremely hard and sharp carbide tip, diamond ground from Tungsten - Titanium, with a hardness grade of 9, which has never been used before! KERAMIK Drill Bits come in a set of 5 drill bits, from diameter 5/32" to 3/8"; or in individual diameters. The KERAMIK Dril Bits were developed in Germany by KEIL and is distributed by TILE-EZE.